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How to Prepare For Salesforce App Builder Certification?

Salesforce Application Builder is a point-and-snap tool that is utilized to make custom pages for the Salesforce mobile-based application and Salesforce Lightning Experience. The tool provides a single platform to fulfill the requirements of the users. Due to the increased demand for this tool, there is also an increase in the careers of this field. In this write-up, will cover the secret behind getting the Salesforce Application Builder certification. Also, we will understand the concepts related to Salesforce Application Builder Certification.

In this write-up, we will discuss: -

  • Land to the cloud details of Salesforce Application Builder Exam
  • Understanding the structure of Salesforce Application Builder Exam
  • Study according to the topics and their weighting
  • Study material
  • Steps to pass Salesforce Application Builder Exam in just one attempt
  • Useful tips for the exam time
  • Are you ready for the exam?

Let’s get started!

Land to the cloud details of Salesforce Application Builder Exam

The Salesforce Certified Platform Application Builder qualification is intended for the aspirants who might want to exhibit their knowledge and skills in designing, constructing, and deploying custom applications utilizing the decisive customization abilities of the Salesforce Lightning platform. The aspirant can create, manage, and update data models, application security, business rationale, and process automation.

The most regular inquiry we are asked at JanBask Training is 'how could you get the entirety of your certifications?' or 'how would I get Salesforce certified?'. As we have made these reactions over time, we realized that writing up tips could be valuable for the regularly growing Salesforce environment.

Prerequisites of the Salesforce App Builder Certification Exam

If you are planning to the Salesforce Platform Application Builder certification, then generally, you are required to have six months to 1 year of experience in building applications on the Salesforce Lightning platform or the comparable technology. The candidate is required to have the experience, abilities, and knowledge delineated underneath: 

  • Familiarity with the capacities of the Salesforce Lightning Platform
  • Understanding of Salesforce license types and the related contemplations
  • Capability to plan applications design to help business procedures and reporting prerequisites
  • Knowledge of the social and mobile capacities of the platform; acclimated with utilizing and upgrading business applications on a mobile phone. 
  • Knowledge of the Salesforce development environment and the options accessible to deploy applications and manage modifications on the Salesforce Lightning Platform
  • Conceptual knowledge of the assets of Salesforce and the study material which you can avail through the training

Following are the concepts which are required for you to understand the exam: -

How to Prepare For Salesforce App Builder Certification

Understanding the structure of Salesforce Application Builder exam:-

Content: 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions
Passing score: 63%
Registration fee: USD 200; Retake fee: USD 100
Time allotted to complete the exam: 90 minutes
Delivery options: Proctored exam delivered onsite at a testing center or in an online proctored environment
References: No hard-copy or online materials may be referred to during the exam
Prerequisites: None required; course attendance highly recommended

Exam Outline

Note: If you want to pursue the Salesforce App Builder certification, it is recommended to complete Salesforce Admin certification first. Though it is not a prerequisite, doing this will make you familiar with some fundamental concepts of Application Builder that are available in the Salesforce Admin part only.

Study according to the topics and their weighting

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Following are the topics and their weightings that you need to prepare for your exam:

  • Fundamentals of Salesforce (Number of questions: 5)
  • Data modeling and management (Number of questions: 12)
  • Security (Number of questions: 6)
  • Business logic and process automation (Number of questions: 16)
  • Social (Number of questions: 2)
  • User Interface (Number of questions: 8)
  • Reporting (Number of questions: 3)
  • Mobile (Number of questions: 3)
  • Application development (Number of questions: 5)

How to Prepare For Salesforce App Builder Certification Source: SFDC

The above-mentioned break out into normally into general understanding and best practice suggestions. Ensure you comprehend the aim behind every visual cue. For instance, you should comprehend what is and what not possible indecisive and programming-based tools. Thoroughly considering the kinds of questions are asked in the Salesforce. You can expect a couple of situations where you will be approached to propose while remembering the confinements of declarative tools.

salesforce quiz

Salesforce Application Builder Study material

Fundamentals of Force.com– Topics like Custom Objects, Lookup relationships, Master-detail relationships, Workflow rules, Validation Rules, Custom Fields, Field Types, Record Types, Page Layouts, Formula Fields, Roll-up summary fields and approval processes, all should be known back to front. This is an area that most of our students are truly agreeable. The best spot to begin with this is to get trained online by Salesforce experts or through Force.com. We recommend the mixture of both!

AppExchange – The AppExchange gives many free and paid applications that can assist you with business-related issues. You should know when it is reasonable to utilize an application from the AppExchange. 

How to Prepare For Salesforce App Builder Certification

Lightning Application Builder – This element has been around for some time now however a ton of us have not yet gotten an opportunity to investigate it. You should recognize what it is, the manner by which it is utilized and what components can be put on a lightning page. You will likewise need to know the contrast between a lightning page and part. The Trailhead module connected gave me a total outline and an incredible prologue to the Application Builder. 

Lightning Connect – This element of Salesforce is the latest one that enables you to connect databases from outside of Salesforce. It enables you to show data that exists outside of Salesforce as an "Outer Object" (or an external object) so from the client's perspective, there is no distinction. The Trailhead module strolls you through how to associate an outer object, observe the steps involved, and the outer and aberrant query types. 

Lightning Process Builder and Visual Flow – The Lightning Process Builder is generally new contrasted with work process rules, yet it includes vigorously in this certification exam. You should know the intricate details of all business procedure highlights and when to utilize one over the other. The connected Trailhead module takes you over Workflows, Approvals, Lightning Process Builder and Visual Flow 

Person Accounts – Person accounts empowers Salesforce clients that serve customers not organizations in a Business-to-Customer model. It enables you to make another kind of record called "Person Accounts". You should recognize what they are, the means by which they are not quite the same as would be expected records, and a portion of their key practices. 

Social Accounts – Social accounts in Salesforce enable you to associate your Twitter and Facebook records to add a contact's social network to their contact record. It enables you to see their updated data and action if you follow or have them included. You should know the parameters around this component, what does and doesn't work, and the security in question. 

Salesforce1 Mobile – Salesforce1 presented an incredibly versatile application and furthermore, an element called quick actions (or speedy activities). You should realize how to redo the Salesforce1 mobile Application and execute worldwide and object explicit snappy activities as well.  

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The request of execution – The request for execution of different devices, for example, approval rules, work processes, APEX before and after updates on how Salesforce functions. For instance, Salesforce Lighting process builder fires after work processes. This should be mulled over when utilizing the two to construct an application or the process.

Managed Vs Unmanaged packages – You are ensured to get an inquiry on managed versus unmanaged packages. So ensure you know the distinctions. These can incorporate updating the package, versioning, and what you can change in each package. 

Changing Field Types – Salesforce enables us to change a field type after we have made it. Be that as it may, contingent upon what the field type is and what you need to transform it to, it might bring about data loss. For instance, changing to checkbox from content will consistently bring about data loss.

Steps to pass Salesforce Application Builder Exam in just one attempt

Application Builder Exam in just one attempt

Step 1: Start with ABCD

ABCD? No, we are not talking about playpen learning. By ABCD here, we mean, Architecture Basics Configuration and Design. This is necessary to get the first and right impression on Salesforce. You can learn this by learning the basics of the Salesforce platform. ABCD will give you insights into what Salesforce is all about.

Step 2: Get the right syllabus

Why this is necessary? Well, Salesforce is an ocean. There are many areas and many certifications you can see. But be clear about what certification you are looking for. You need to explore the right and exact syllabus for the Salesforce Application Builder exam. Syllabus is the base and if you are clear about the foundation, you can build your dream career on that solid foundation. So, look for the authentic syllabus designed by SFDC.

Expert Tip: SFDC provides two options in Salesforce Application Builder:

  1. Declarative development for Platform Application Builders in Lightning Experience (DEX 402)
  2. Certification preparation for Platform Application Builder (CRT 402)

Step 3: Invest right

You need to do the right investment in the Salesforce Application Builder Certification training. You may find numerous online training platforms, but choosing the appropriate platform is the biggest challenge for the seeker of training. Many of the platforms will charge you a penny or a few dollars, while many of them you’ll find for free. 

Expert tip: Opt for online led instructor training. This will help you clear your doubts and perform practical under expert guidance.

Step 4: Focus on the right areas… Organize your preparation…

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Preparing as per the syllabus is fine, but sometimes Salesforce may test you for the extra ability of yours, like an area of administration, etc. Each of the extra abilities has its own weighting. 

For example- Data modeling 18%

Organization & User Setup 18%

UI Customization & Activities 4%

Application 1%

You should be prepared according to the weighting of skills. This will help you to answer most of the questions in the exam. Also, this will clarify the total time you need to give to a particular area. Make your order of priority and try to cover all the areas but really, prioritizing the order of area is very important.

Step 5: Schedule the exam… Attempt the mock tests… Test and Tune yourself…

Mark the date of your exam on the calendar and stick it on your study table or your cube. This will not only remind you of the exam date but also keep motivating you! 

Don’t forget the mock tests. There are many online platforms who will let you perform mock tests regarding the certification exam. Other than this, prepare your own FAQ’s. Don’t limit it to 50-100, rather prepare more than 800 FAQ’s.

salesforce Curriculum

Useful tips for the exam time

Here are the best useful tips to tackle the Salesforce Application Builder exam time: -

  1. Readout each question gradually. Read it more than once on the off chance that you have to. Pay special mind to catchphrases like EXCEPT, TRUE, FALSE and for multi-select answers, focus on the number of right answers. 
  2. At times, take notes on the paper. We have separated a portion of the security or data modeling queries as per the different requirements and how we would arrange it. For example: Requirement X = OWD to private, Requirement Y = Grant Access Via Hierarchy, Requirement Z = Permission set. At that point read through the appropriate responses and select the one that matches your answer. 
  3. Readout each answer gradually, cautiously and twice. There might be a minor contrast between a portion of the appropriate responses so if you skim the appropriate answer rapidly, you may inadvertently choose an inappropriate one. Be careful!
    • Select the appropriate response on the off chance that you are certain is right. 
    • Keep on reading the other answers. 
    • Decide out the ones that are clearly or consistently not the appropriate answer. 
    • Not certain? Read the staying conceivable right answers and make your best speculation between the rest of the choices. 
    • If you discover you are spending an excessively long time on the one question, mark the question as "Review" and return to it after you've finished the 60 questions. 
    • Imprint the question where you are not 100% certain as "Review". Proceed through the rest of the questions. 
  4. Be aware of the hour and a half time allotment. The clock will show up in the upper left-hand corner of the screen as you will be going through the test. 
  5. When you've traversed the 60 questions, select Review Exam. This will carry you to a screen of every one of the 60 inquiries and answers. Anything you set apart for review has a reference bullet before it. 
  6. Take a gander at all the questions that are marked for review. Assuming these answers are incorrect way and the ones you thought you addressed effectively are precise, you can guesstimate your score. Ideally, your rough approximation score is well over 63%. You should expect that you may have gotten a specific score for your "right" answers inaccurate, so consider that your rough approximation score. 
  7. Check whether the appropriate response you have chosen previously still holds. Most often, what you have chosen in the first run, is the thing that you ought to go with and is right. 
  8. If you think that you are more positive about the answer, you can unmark the question for review and recalculate the guesstimated score. 
  9. Sooner or later, you have to arrive at the resolution that you've done everything you can and taking a gander at those questions set apart for review are never again beneficial. It's a great opportunity to tap on the "Submit Exam" button.

free salesforce demo

Are you ready for the Salesforce App Builder exam?

Well, all greys are not as black as it seems! You might be the one who might have gone through several attempts of examination. Don’t worry, JanBask Training has the solution to it. If you have any concerns or questions, talk to our counsellors or ask your questions in the comment section below. All the very best!

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